All the letters are showing as ‘sending complete.’

We’re aware that the original batch of emails may have not properly displayed the name of the child affected if your family has siblings in school. A second email, where that error is fixed, is on it’s way now.

Two of the three letters are showing as ‘sending complete.’ The third is processing now.

The letters are on their way out via email now.

We have been in dialogue with Public Health England for a large part of today. We have identified the students who need to self isolate and also other students for whom we are asking to not attend school on Thursday and Friday. The letters are just being mail-merged and are about to go out via email. Please keep your eye on your emails for more info.

We are working now to identify which students may have been close contacts of the staff involved. We hope students will be staying inside today doing their work and in the next few hours we’ll be in contact with parents of any children who will need to isolate for longer.

We aim to teach Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 on Microsoft Teams wherever possible today. Year 8 and 9 will be set work on Epraise as a default but we may supplement this with some Teams interaction too. For more information see here: https://website.droitwichspahigh.worcs.sch.uk/index.php/curriculum/remote-learning/

We’re looking after students (in their zones) who have made their way here and aren’t sure about how to get back. We will do minibus runs (per year group) for those that need them.

School is CLOSED to ALL students today. This morning we’ve had two notifications that a teacher has tested positive and we have a 3rd symptomatic, awaiting results.

In the timeframe we have we can’t ensure we can track and trace all the close contacts there may be so we’re closed today. As far as possible we will teach lessons on Teams.