​​​​We are the High School which serves the town of Droitwich Spa and its surrounding villages: our responsibility is to ​prepare the next generation of this community. We are ambitious for our students and we aim to offer each of them a range of opportunities in and beyond the classroom. Along with this goes the individual involvement that encourages, supports and cajoles, for these secondary years are too precious to be allowed to slip by.

Our curriculum is broad and varied and we want every one of our students to be faced with work which makes suitable demands and offers relevant rewards. Success in these courses may take many forms. Some of our students achieve​ very highly in the GCSE, thrive in the Sixth Form and go on to distinguish themselves in higher education. Others work towards different goals, leaving with the qualifications which open the way to other forms of training or study. What counts is that they have realised their potential.​But good examination results alone do not define a school, any more than they define a person. There are many other opportunities here; we would like all who join us to find an involvement somewhere amongst them. It may be in sport or drama, music or public speaking, travel or the school council.​

We all want our own children to be safe, to be themselves without threat or harassment. I want no less for the young people who are entrusted to our care. Day by day our staff work to make that goal a reality.

One of the assets of Droitwich Spa High School is the support which it receives from the wider community. Parents, in particular, have a crucial role to play if our ambitions for their children are to be fulfilled. If visiting this website is your first involvement with the school, I hope that it will be the beginning of a close and productive partnership.

This website is only an introduction to Droitwich Spa High School. If it leaves you with questions unanswered we hope that you will put them to us directly. If you would like to visit us we would be pleased to show you the school at work. Many parents have found that this first-hand experience enables them to sense the warmth and professionalism which Droitwich Spa High School regards as its hallmark.

Jonathan Brook