The principles of our programme and three-fold:

1 – Inspire. Through a comprehensive and integrated curriculum, students have multiple opportunities to be inspired by a range of careers options. We work hard to raise aspirations and encourage students at multiple points reflect upon and develop their employability skills and the enormous breadth of opportunities available to them.

2. Inform. All students in year 11 and 13 will access one to one guidance interviews with a qualified professional to form an action plan to inform post-16 choices and post-18 options and to their understanding of their future options. Interviews are also available on request to students in any other year groups and many year 9s and 12s find this a useful tool for helping them to make decisions. In addition, specific content is delivered through the PSHE and tutor programme as well as being regularly incorporated into the assembly schedule.

3. Identify. The final part of the programme encourages students to identify their own abilities and strengths and to explore environments and opportunities in which they can work authentically using their natural talents. In addition to identifying what they enjoy doing and are good at students are given opportunities to develop these skills. Whether that be through specific events such as Futures Week or through work orientated activities imbedded  in lessons