Students are allowed to explore the GCSE choices they have made and given breathing space to flourish in their subject. During this year the importance of work experience is highlighted and the need for good preparation before applying for jobs is explored through the tutor programme, PSHE and within lessons.

In Year 10 students will focus on the contribution that personal attributes and effective communication skills make to their future life and work roles.

Students will participate in tutor led activities that highlight the skills needed to gain access to Post-16 options such as applications for both education, further training or apprenticeships. They will also once again examine the future of work and changes within the labour market.

Students are welcomed to a ‘futures’ assembly in the spring which highlights a range of opportunities available to them. Here a range of external experts join us to enthuse the students about the paths that are available for them. This includes the support and encouragement to take place in events such the West Midlands Aim Higher UniFest residential events, an insight into apprenticeships and a welcome from the sixth form.

In the final week of term students are given the opportunity to experience the world of work in various formats. With the constraints Some choose to conduct a ‘traditional’ placement off-site with an employer which we support them through. The vast majority take part in a range of activities on-site which bring work-based experience to life. Regardless of the path chosen our young people receive multiple, meaningful encounters with employers which we hope will enrich their careers experience.