Careers information, advice and guidance in this first year at DSHS focuses on labour market information and an exploration of the scope of options ahead of students .

A programme of assemblys support the message of being aspirational and a range of internal and external speakers help to inspire students and giving meaningful encounters with employers.

The initial priority is to inform and excite pupils about the opportunities and challenges beyond their life at school, in the local and global economy. This can include themes such as:

  • Identifying the skills students naturally possess
  • How education supports aspiration
  • Establishing what types of industry students might want to work in
  • What barriers might stand in the way of someone reaching their potential
  • Thinking ahead and developing resilient decision making
  • Enhancing teamworking skills

During their time in Year 8 students will have time to build upon the self-awareness skills developed in middle school, begin to explore a range of careers pathways and been given access to impartial careers information and advice.